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Ferret Friday #8-Count monkeys around

Count is our tunneler. He is never content to be on top of things and will figure out a way to get under something as soon as possible. Here, he has tunneled from one end of the bed to another. This is no problem unless your feet happen to be under those covers. Even though ferrets have been domesticated for many years, Count is our second ferret that retains the wild instinct to hunt and kill whatever he finds in a tunnel. Do you understand where this is going? Yep, the innocent sleeper is quite likely to be awakened by teeth embedded in a foot or calf. He never went through the phase that many young ferrets go through where they bite anything anytime it moves. He does like his tunnel biting though, so we will continue his training. Besides, who could stay made at this little guy?

It's All About Timing

From very early days here in law school, my fellow 1L's (first year law students) and I heard about the importance of time. As students, we have been learning to manage our time in order to get things done on time. As lawyers, we have been told that we will be tracking our time in fifteen minute intervals for billing clients. I decided that it is never too early to apply and learn career related skills. To that end, over the holiday break, I dug out one of my favorite parenting tools. Here it is:
Yep, it is that magical bit of technology known as a kitchen timer.

When the boys were young, we employed these lovely gadgets in many different ways. Quite often, we would make a game of cleaning up their rooms by setting the timer for fifteen minutes and scrambling to clean up as much as possible in that time. This made a game out of cleaning and it also made it more bearable. Those handy timers also were employed in our school room (we homeschooled). Of course, the timers were also use…

Word of the Week-Carouse

Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that, of all my classes, I am most excited about Criminal Law this semester. From the time I picked up A Study in Scarlet, I was hooked on crime and Sherlock Holmes was my hero. Over the years, I have read and watched anything Sherlock related from "The Great Mouse Detective" to the BBC's Sherlock.
You might wonder what any of that has to do with this week's word which is carouse. Per, to carouse, is to engage in a drunken revel. This is not something that I have ever been inclined to do. However, a bit of me likely lived vicariously through the villains in those old stories. Also, for some reason, carouse makes me think of my grandfather and the stories he told of his time in the Army. Anyway, while reading for Criminal Law, I have seen several fun words that will likely appear here in the future. The first, carouse, is mentioned in the case of People v. Beardsley heard by the Supreme Court of Michigan …