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Ferret Friday #44 - Oh Bother!

A E has some toys that are perennial favorites.  Eeyore is one of those favorites.  It is rather amusing to see A E dragging Eeyore from room to room, especially since Eeyore is much larger.
IMG_1918, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.

Letters Unqueued

Have you ever wished to clear a letter from the print queue in CryWolf® without actually printing it? I can’t tell you how many times a letter with a “bad address” has cluttered up our queue.  It is so frustrating to select that letter only to realize it is “that” letter that we have clicked on several times already.

Today, I accidentally right-clicked on the queue and a window popped up with the question “Who are these assigned to?” and the option “Remove from Print Queue”.
After a bit of experimentation, I realized that it is possible to remove the offending letter from the queue without wasting paper by printing it.  Simply right click on the offending letter and choose “Remove from Print Queue”. Be warned that this does not remove the letter from the account history though.  Also, if there multiple copies of the letter in the queue, all of the letters of that type will be removed. My advice would be to print all of the good letters and then delete the remaining one. When I wrote this…

Hubster's Calorie Free Lunch

The other day we were in the car to retrieve Eldest from college for spring break.  I  noticed that the Hubster brought along his lunch bag.  I was feeling a bit peckish, so I decided to see what snack I could  nab from his stash.  Imagine my surprise when this is what I found:
IMG_1967, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.
When I pulled out my camera, he exclaimed "you will not blog about this." Silly Hubby, a good blogger can't pass up opportunities like this one. Which brings us to the question, what do you call a lunch box with no food in it? If I was carrying the bag,  it would be a purse.  Since it was the Hubsters, it could only be a murse.  The Urban Dictionary defines murse as "a male handbag, or man-purse." Who knew that the Hubster was a trendsetter?  Even better, I found a clip of one of Youngest's favorite movie quotes from the time when he used to sport a messenger bag instead of a traditional backpack.

What "trends" are the men …

Curiosities from the Road-Help Wanted Edition

It has been quite a while since I had time to post more than once or twice a week.  I certainly haven't had a chance to share amusing sites from my travels. This past weekend, I found myself on the road taking Eldest back to school after spring break.  aAfter 15 hours in the car, I must say that I was not finding much amusing. However, the situation changed when I saw the sign below:

If you don't understand why I found this amusing, maybe seeing where it was posted will help.

IMG_1991, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.

With gas prices hovering around $4 per gallon, I certainly didn't expect to find amusement at a service station.  At least the proprietor seems to have a sense of humor.