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Ferret Friday #54 - Screened

Sometimes, A E can break your heart with a look.

Time for a Change

The other day, a member of my staff came upon two accounts that appeared to have the same permit number.   After review, it was discovered that one number differed by a comma--and that the permit number just happened to be the same as the house number for the alarm site.   We decided that someone must have attempted to do a search by entering the house number in the account number spot instead of the search box.   We came to this conclusion because of the comma—as you know, an address search using the house number requires that pesky comma.   Obviously, we couldn’t have two accounts with the same permit number so it was necessary to change the account number on one of the accounts. The easiest way to do this is using the “Change Account Number” option on the "Options" tab. Once in the "Change Account Number" screen, it is simple to enter the number to be changed.   CryWolf®  allows you to assign the new number or use the “Assign Next Account Number”