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Ferret Friday #6- Ferret gets a drink

I was sitting in the den working on some posts and watching America's Got Talent when I heard what I thought was the sound of the 5 gallon jug being changed in the water cooler.  Our camel is home from college, so this is not an unexpected occurrence.  When the noise continued though, I decided I better check it out.  What I found was a ferret pushing an empty bottle around with his nose. The hole seemed to be just the right size and the right height for his snout.

He was having a grand old time, so I let him continue as there didn't seem to be any harm in it.  He played for quite some time.  I guess ferrets are like kids in that they seem to find amusement in unusual places.  How many parents have shopped for the perfect toy only to realize that the child is more entertained by the box than the toy?

Editing False Alarm Data

At some time, you may find it necessary to edit alarm data that is already in the system as I did a short while ago when it was discovered that a dispatcher typed the wrong year.  In our area, officers are encouraged to list all clearance codes that apply to the call.  So, if they do a building check at an alarm call, they would clear the call with the code for the alarm and for the building check.  Our CAD (computer aided dispatch) extract pulls the first code it "sees" into the CryWolf® Clearance Code field so occasionally the "wrong" code shows up in CryWolf®.  Being able to "correct" the code allows my unit to better track alarm calls and their causes.  We actually have two clearance codes for false alarm here.  One code signifies a false alarm with no identifiable cause and the other is for false alarm where there is an identifiable cause.
To update the data, from the main CryWolf® screen, choose the File menu and scroll down to the "Edit Existi…