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Ferret Friday #20 -Travel Series-Rest Stop

A Ferret would a walking go, mm hmm...

A E enjoys a few minutes of exploration at a rest stop.

Pause, Print, Repeat

For those who are faithfully tuning in on Thursdays for CryWolf® hints, I hope that you are finding the notes helpful. For those readers who are scoping out information on their competition (you know who you are, Texas), I would be happy to review your product for my readers if given the opportunity. And now, back to our scheduled "blog cast".

The other day, my office ran completely out of black ink. And I mean OUT.  No warning, no partially printed pages, just full stop by the printer.  Of course, we were in the middle of printing after processing a long weekend.  We are also in our high season for renewals so the queue was full and then some.  That night, without thinking, I shut down my computer.  When I realized what I had done, I felt sick because I had no idea if the printer would retain all of the jobs or if they were gone. I'm sure you have had instances of closing a program when a job was printing resulting in a half printed page in the printer tray. Although I …