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Showing posts from February 19, 2017

Ferret Friday Coming Again Soon

After the heartbreak of losing A E Ferret back in September, I wasn't sure that we would ever have ferrets in our lives again. Youngest took the loss extremely hard and has only recently begun to soften to the idea of a new ferret. Over the last few months, the Hubster and I have discussed it and even went to the animal shelter when a ferret pair was available. (We were still unsure so we left without them and they were adopted before we were able to get back). Fast forward to earlier this week when I went to the pet store for cat food. Four tiny ferrets had just arrived and I was hooked. In order to bring them home, I had to undo all the changes that we had made to A E's room--it had been transformed into my office for law school.
Over the past few days, I moved furniture, created a "bathroom" annex for the cage, and researched solutions to the behavioral issues that we ran into previously. I even named "my" ferret Bella. So, with most prep done, we headed…