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Helpful Account Search Tips

One of the great features of CryWolf® is the hints and tips that are available right in the software.  Going other places to get information and help is nice (and I do appreciate that you are stopping by my little blog), but don’t neglect the helps that are available right on your desktop.For example, when you click the “Search” box to find an account (red arrow below),the “Search Options” pop up window opens.
Two oft overlooked buttons in this window are the “Options” button (pink circle below) and the “Instructions” button (aqua circle below). When the options button is clicked, the additional search options of “Where” to search and “Type” of search appear.As shown below, the “where” (brown box) option allows the user to search the “Main Account”, the “Responsible Party”, and “All Related Records”.The “type” search (green box) allows a default, Soundex, or MetaPhone search.  (The Soundex or MetaPhone searches allow searches based on what a name sounds like in English, and are quite…


Change is good, right?  Well, not always.  The last time I updated the look of "The Edge...", I went for the dynamic views template.  I thought it would be fun for everyone to be able to choose how they wanted the blog to look.  Sounded great in theory, but it wasn't working for some. Or me for that matter if I tried to show somebody at work a post.  So, back to simple.  I hope this helps if you were having trouble.  If you have issues with this style, please let me know.  I will miss the dynamic views, but I would much rather that my readers be able to access the blog.