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Ferret Friday #32 - Muddy Boots

A E Ferret loves shoes.  He especially likes his boys boots because they are big enough to climb in and stinky enough for ferret enjoyment.  Our family has long since learned that any shoe left unattended will likely be missing the insole if it is removable.

Default doesn't mean Permanent

My unit has been around for a number of years, so rarely do we create a new alarm company account as a result of receiving an unsolicited registration form.  These days, new alarm company accounts usually result from a citizen registering their alarm system and reporting an alarm company that is not in our database. Of course, we aren’t going to let that alarm company do business in our county without being registered, so we create an account for the company and place it in pending status until they return all of the required forms. Occasionally, I have been bothered by the fact that the status for a new alarm company account defaulted to "Registered" status and had to be manually changed to "Pending".  It made more sense to me that the default status should be "Pending".
Tonight, I had a few minutes to investigate for a solution. While using CryWolf®,I have found solutions to be available if I take the time to look for them.  If you have ever wanted to ch…