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Showing posts from November 13, 2011

Ferret Friday #24 -Thirsty!

Apparently, Ferrets like Sonic Route 44 drinks too!  

A E wasn't thrilled with the noise at the Sonic Drive-in, but he liked the cups and attacked them with vigor trying to make them his own.  Youngest wasn't quite fast enough and A E won this battle.  The cup looked like it was attacked by a vampire and 44 ounces of fluids slowly seeped from the two tiny punctures.

Weeding out Duplicate Accounts

It is Thursday again and time for our continuing series of helpful hints for the alarm billing software CryWolf®. I know it is scandalous, but we won't be looking at letters today. Today, we will focus on the subjects receiving those letters.

No matter how careful data entrants are, duplicate accounts seem to appear in the database.  I have discovered that these duplicate accounts are opened most frequently during alarm processing.  If CryWolf® doesn't find a match for the alarm site automatically, the manufacturer recommends manually searching three times before adding an account.  I think this is because the normal duplicate prevention measures built into the system don't work when an account is added during alarm processing.  Even following these measures, duplicate accounts will slip in due to misspellings or some other error.  As a result, it is a good idea to check the system occasionally for possible duplicate accounts.

To run a report that will list possible dupli…