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Ferret Friday #42 - Travel Accessories

DSCF0312 , a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr. It occurred to me that we had not added to the travel series in a while. Today, A E wishes to share the items that he believes are a must for traveling. First, the small pet carrier with fleece cuddle bed inside, the small animal play yard  (with mat to contain messes), his water bowl (fountain is optional, but A E won't get enough fluids without it), and toys. A E is using the tunnel in the picture, but his favorite pink swim goggles (stolen from the Hubster) are also shown. (A E was not fond of the plaid carpet at this hotel or the fleas that hitched a ride home with us). When we are home, A E roams anywhere on the first and second floors.  (He is not allowed in the basement because it has not been ferret-proofed--too much junk many hiding places).  When we are at work, he stays in his room.  At hotels, we have found many dangers even in pet friendly hotels.  Ferrets can get under beds and behind dressers and we ha