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Ferret Friday #21 -Travel Series

At yet another rest stop, A E seemed to be thinking "It's a big scary world out there, but I feel safe here."

Maryland--Here's your signs!

I travelled into Maryland last week for a training session.  I must say that I love driving through Maryland because the  road signs are always amusing to me.  There is no pussy-footing around for the Maryland sign makers.  They are not afraid to use all caps, different colors, and brevity to get their message across to drivers.
You will have to forgive the lighting and angles in the pictures below. When you are driving, you can't stop in the middle of the road to frame a shot.  In Maryland, you can't drive and use a hand-held cellphone either.  I wonder what they would say about a camera?
Anyway, I left my house at 5:30 in the morning and the sun was just coming up as I saw this sign.  The sign says "ALTERNATE RIGHT OF WAY". Now this is what drivers should do in a merge zone, but this sign leaves no doubt about it.
A bit farther down the road, this sign appeared.  "Form single lane NOW".  
No wonder it seems that Maryland drivers seem a bit confused whe…

Beyonce takes a road trip

This summer, the blogosphere had a presence that loomed large and crossed over blog boundaries.  The Bloggess introduced us to Beyonce here.  Sightings were made all over the country and the continuing saga entertained us all (and continues to do so if we are honest).  When I was on the way home from a training course in Maryland last week, I passed through Lovettsville, VA.  As I pulled to a stop at the traffic light there, I glanced to my right and was astounded to see Beyonce (or one of her acolytes) gathering an army of pigs.  If you look carefully, you can see the large corncob that she must have been eating because she has gained some size and is now as tall as the house she is standing beside.