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Selecting Text in a Report

Did you know that you can select text in a report generated by CryWolf®?  If you use the program, you know that there are several items such as case numbers and account numbers that can be clicked on for more information or link back to the account.  (If you didn't know this, try mousing around a report.  Generally, if something is linked and can be clicked on for more information it appears underlined when you mouse over it).  Often though, there is other information on the report that needs to be transferred to another document outside of CryWolf®.  What I didn't realize is that  the Hand Tool (red arrow above) which  is selected by default is not the only option.  When a report is generated, the Hand Tool allows you to quickly move around in the report.  However, there is an oft overlooked tool called the Text Select button (green arrow above) that allows you to highlight text in a report, and then copy and paste it into another document or the Search Tool.  All it takes is…

Ferret Friday #4

Have you seen the movie Dances with Wolves?  Kevin Costner starred in this moving tale of a soldier who befriends those who were his enemies.  It is a great way to spend an evening.  Anyway, Costner's character behaves with dignity and decorum.  Well, that is not how things go around our house.  Life with a ferret is full of surprises.  This morning is the perfect example of how life with a ferret is just not normal.   We have a shower stall in our Master bath (shocking, I know), and The Hubster and I routinely yell "next" when we are finished showering so that the other person can come in and take over the shower without having to make all the adjustments to get the right temperature, etc.  Does anyone else do this, or are we just weird?

So anyway, the ferret was in our room playing.  When I yelled "next", my husband came in and entered the shower.  Before he could close the door, the ferret had joined us.  I suppose he thought he was just going to step into th…

Water Ice

This past weekend, we were in Philadelphia for a triathlon. As we drove through Philadelphia, we saw signs and ice cream trucks advertising water ice.  Of course, we aren't above amusing ourselves by poking fun at things that strike us as unusual, and something called water ice certainly falls into that category.  Now,  I don't know what they make ice out of normally in Philadelphia, but everywhere I have lived, water seems to be the main ingredient.  What ran through your head when you read the title for this post?
Anyway, I felt guilty later about poking fun so I decided to do a little research.  My research shows that water ice is Philly-ese for Italian ice.  Having never been to Italy, that didn't shed a lot of light on the subject for me.  More research turns up that it is not water at all but fruit juices or fruit puree frozen in a similar fashion to ice cream.  By composition, it more closely resembles sherbet but is made without any dairy ingredients. I had been th…

Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

For the third year in a row, I found myself in Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon weekend. For some reason, the Hubster is a fan of doing repeats of the same race.   As in the two previous years, he was signed up for both the Sprint and the Olympic races which meant that I was forced had the opportunity to get up before dawn on both Saturday and Sunday and stand around for hours while waiting for him to finish the race. My role for these riveting weekends is pack mule, cheerleader, and paparazzi--because you can never have enough photos of your middle aged husband wearing a one piece form fitting jumpsuit triathlon suit.
One thing that I do appreciate in Philadelphia is the sponsor hotel.  The Crowne Plaza--West Philadelphia is not the nicest hotel or the newest, but the great customer service that is exhibited by the employees makes up for the cosmetic issues.  The staff truly go out of their way to provide a great weekend for the race participants.  Jack, the conc…

Sex Offender Registry

One of the reasons that people purchase alarm systems for their home is to keep their family safe.  Another way to keep the ones you love safe is to be aware of your surroundings.  For me, this includes a check of the Registered Sex Offenders in the neighborhood.  When we were searching for a home to purchase several years ago, a search of the registry showed that a sex offender lived in the house diagonally across the street from the home we were trying to purchase.  This did not stop us from putting in an offer.  However, it would certainly have made a difference in how we let our children play.  Our offer for that house was outbid by someone else so our search continued.  The neighborhood where we did finally purchase has three sex offenders, but none within a several block radius.
It is a natural thing for me--maybe it is the law enforcement background.  I think that it should become a standard practice though for all--especially those with children.  Please don't misunderstan…