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Not so auto Auto Process

Depending on how your auto process is set up in CryWolf®, it is possible under certain conditions for a process to not work exactly as planned.This is usually because somehow we humans goof it up by not doing what we are supposed to do.For example, when I was away for this year’s FARA symposium, the auto process routine was not run daily since my assistant was also out of the office.  This by itself was not enough to upset the auto process since we have a 7 day period to cover absences.  However, the days that it took to get caught back up on our return did exceed that limit.  (In my unit, we don't process alarms or send delinquent notices until payments and new registrations are entered).  Because auto process wasn't run, this meant that a group of permits that should have received renewal letters, did not receive those letters.
Unfortunately, since only permits that expired on one day were affected, we didn't notice immediately.  Once it was noticed, we wanted to get th…