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Phone Booths

During our recent trip to Kentucky, I came across an object that I thought no longer existed.  But there it was, so here it is.
It is missing some vital elements such as windows and the bi-fold door, but it has some unique features such as bullet holes.

Ferret Friday #12-Ferrets are what they eat

A E Ferret is taking that phrase to the extreme.


One of the first features that I began using in CryWolf is the notification feature. Instead of littering my desk with sticky notes, I keep my notes in my computer.  One of the greatest thing about this notifications feature is that any account number in the reminder becomes clickable.  Simply click on the account number and the account main form will open.  This makes it far superior to any piece of paper.

The notifications menu is found on the main screen under Options.  Scroll down to Notifications and three choices are available:
Add PopUp NotificationCheck Current NotificationCheck All PopUp Notification.  Simply click on the option of your choice. To add a notification, click on the Add PopUp Notification option. A box entitled Reminder will open. Type the message, set the date, and choose who (of the registered CryWolf users in your agency) should get the reminder. Use the editing features at the top of the window to change the fonts and colors. This feature is a fun way to sen…

Student driver

Take a look at the yellow signs on the bumper of this bus.  I know budgets are tight, but I am not sure this is a good cost cutting measure:


I pay a lot more attention these days to weather than I ever have previously.  Most false alarm units do not forgive alarms caused by weather because most of them are preventable.  However, some storms produce extended power outages or extreme conditions that may end up causing some alarms that just can't be prevented.  For example, a recent storm in our area resulted in very large hail that caused several glass break sensors in homes and businesses to send signals to the monitoring center which in turn led to a dispatch request.
Anyway, the point is that I pay more attention to weather. I also document the conditions so that if there is a question about an alarm, I have some information on hand.  I shot this picture after a recent thunderstorm.  The rainbow was so vivid and we were able to see both ends where they seemed to hit the earth.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get that picture because I was in a car, but this is what I was able to capture when I found a safe place to pull…

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of FARA

The Mid-atlantic Region chapter of the False Alarm Reduction Association will hold its next meeting on September 14th.  After the meeting, a joint meeting with the Maryland Burglar and Fire Alarm Association will be held.  If you would like information about either of these events, email me and I will pass your information along to the organizers.
If you have events of interest to alarm reduction units, and I will consider sharing them on this forum as well.