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Ferret Friday #27-Worth his Weight

After one of our travel adventures, we discovered that A E had become acquainted with fleas.  Those fleas decided that they wanted to live with us, so they hitched a ride home.  Being fleas, they did what all fleas do and poor A E couldn't handle all the attention.  We finally had to go to the vet to get some relief because the poor guy couldn't sleep from all the itching.  He also was so miserable that he wasn't eating much either.
Here he is checking out his weight.  The scale is a postage scale with a bread pan screwed to the top.  I believe that the scale was set to measure in grams and that weight includes the weight of the pan since the weight shown on his report was less than what is shown on the scale.
He is feeling much better now.  We haven't won the war against the fleas yet, but we have won several skirmishes and things are improving.