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Ferret Friday #12-Bathroom Blues

Ferrets are domesticated, but they still have many of the same urges as wild ferrets. Because a ferret's natural instinct is to back in to a corner to do their business, humans need to block access to all corners discourage bad habits by strategic placement of litter boxes in corners. Here, Bela is checking out one of the new bathroom annexes that serves the dual purpose of providing an acceptable toilet and blocking what would be the natural choice. If the humans keep the toilets area clean, ferrets will use the acceptable spots more readily. By paying attention to the natural habits, humans can learn how best to help their ferrets be good housemates. For example, a napping ferret is not going to climb out of a nest and go down three ramps to the big bathroom annex. He wants to do his business as quickly as possible so he can get back to sleep. Providing a small litter box near the sleeping hammock is one way to prevent messy corners in the cage. We have trained Count and Bela t…