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Swan Song on Mute

After posting the picture yesterday , I decided to check out whether a mate could be purchased and introduced to "Swanee". It appears that Swanee's future is bleak since he is a Mute Swan  and many states consider mute swans to be an invasive species making it illegal to introduce them to the wild. Invasive or not, they are expensive. I found one site that sells them for $1180. So Swanee will be staying single unless a mate happens to fly by and stop in. I did read that sometimes mute swans are used to discourage Canadian Geese from sticking around. I wonder if the homeowner's association invested in a little "goose proofing."

Swan Song

SWM seeks SWF for lifetime monogamous relationship. Must love nature. For at least the last four years, the swan pictured below has taken up residence in a pond in our neighborhood. There is something so stately, and yet sad, about him. Knowing that swans mate for life, I have often wondered if something happened to his mate.  I also wonder how he will ever find a new mate when he is the only swan living here. Of course, like so many others who grew up in the 70's, I read  The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White . This may be why I assume that the swan is male. I have no idea, and it could just as easily be a female I suppose, but it wouldn't change that fact that he/she is alone. Although he often can be seen swimming near the Canadian Geese and the ducks that also inhabit the pond, does he feel like the ugly duckling ? With a new road that runs in a more direct path to the highway, there is no reason to drive by the pond these days. Nevertheless, I find myself taking th