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Ferret Friday #50 - Oatmeal--not just for breakfast anymore

A E Ferret loves to help around the house.  Of course, his definition of help doesn't always match mine.  The other day, I knocked a container of oatmeal off a shelf.  A E then "helped" by rolling in it and spreading it out over the whole kitchen.  Here he is looking on and seems to be saying "I didn't do it"

And, here, he is just thoroughly enjoying a good roll.

They say oatmeal baths are good for itchy skin--I am not sure this is what they meant.

Police Week 5k

For several years now, we have made it a tradition to support the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) by participating in the Police Week 5k.  The number of family members who participate varies from year to year but I must say that the best year for me was the one that all four of us ran.  Since Youngest is majoring in Police Studies (like his Mama--aaahh), I don't see this tradition coming to an end any time soon.
Each year, the race finishes adjacent to the National Law Enforcement Memorial.  This is a sobering yet fitting reminder of the reason for Police Week. Last year,  I discussed the memorial a bit.  This year I wanted to focus more on the reasons for the memorial and what it represents.
One of the most emotional aspects of participating in the 5k is that each runner is assigned a fallen officer for whom they run.  This year, the Hubster will be running for Deputy Sheriff Robert Leo Britton, Jr. of Smith County Sheriff's Office in Texas. Here is his story direct from t…