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Eye of the Dragon

When I am not seeing the beauty or humor in the world, I know it is time to make something. I have found that I am a much happier person when I take time to create. Making things has been a part of my life since I was tiny and playing with my grandmother's button box.

Last semester, I brought only paper craft materials with me to school. Over the winter break, I spent days making chain maille. I took that as a sign that perhaps I should bring my supplies back for this semester.

Because the school had us take a Contract Negotiation course this past weekend (woohoo-1 credit in a weekend!), we have been going for almost two weeks without a day free from school. Last night, I was studied out and decided to take a break. I rummaged through my rings and found that I had the supplies to make this pendant called Dragon's Eye by Lisa Smeltzer. I bought the tutorial from Blue Buddha Boutique ages ago, so it was fun to finally tackle it.

The finished pendant is fairly chunky--about 2"…

Ferret Friday #10-Wrestling

One moment they will be wrestling and the next they will be sleeping. The positions can be the same.

The Wonder of it All

I am a Florida girl and have always been a Florida girl. Even when life has taken me elsewhere, my heart has still yearned for the warm breeze and white sands. That is not to say I haven't appreciated and enjoyed the places we have lived. And, thanks to the U.S. Navy, we have lived in some awesome places:

Monterey, California-where we watched the otters frolic in the Bay. Seattle, Washington-where we walked down Queen Ann's Hill to go to Sonics games or the Space Needle.Yokohama, Japan-that allowed us easy access to Tokyo.
The common denominator on all of those places is that they were not in cold weather climes. Except for a brief stint in Rhode Island, the Hubster kept me happy by requesting warm locations. Although moving is hard, I made a conscious effort to embrace all of the places that we lived. It was hard sometimes, I am not going to lie. (And the Hubster may have varying opinions on how well I did). But, I like to think that I was fairly successful in keeping a positi…