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Showing posts from February 5, 2012

Ferret Friday #36 - Quilting Ferret

A E Ferret wanted to join in on the sewing when I was working on the Hubster's curtains.  Here,  he is supervising my work.
IMG_1897, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.

A Change in Priority

Last week, we discussed making a duplicate of an alarm system registration.  Another option found by right clicking the tabs in an account is the ability to reorder the keyholder/emergency contacts.  To get there, right click on any of the tabs and scroll down to the "Reorder Accounts" option.
This opens a "Reorder Persons" window that lists the keyholders for the account and shows their current priority order.
To change the order, simply click in the "new" column and assign the new order numerically.  When finished, click OK and the changes will be made when you click the Update button.
If you have any creative uses for these options, please share in the comments so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

The Hubster's Valance

Recently, the Hubster's division was moved across the base.  This was a great opportunity to change things up in his office.  Even better, with the move he gained a window.  While we were decorating his office, we came up with the idea of creating a curtain from some of his dive shirts.  For Navy divers, dive shirts are a big deal.  Starting with the shirt from dive school, divers collect shirts from their duty stations and trade shirts with other divers.  Most of the time, the shirt itself is navy blue with gold (yellow) lettering.  Occasionally, shirts will feature full color illustrations.  Just because all of the shirts were blue does not mean that they matched though. One of the shirts was 19 years old so it was quite faded while one was relatively new.  Matching all of those shades of blue and gold proved to be quite challenging.  Fortunately, we found a Moda fabric called Marble Star in yellow that worked beautifully to tie all of the shades of gold together. The finished …