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Ferret Friday # 22-Travel Series-Play time

When travelling with a ferret (and other pets), it is good to bring along familiar toys and bedding so that they are comforted by something that they know. Hotel rooms are full of mysterious smells and places to explore so to keep A E out of mischief, we usually try to introduce a new toy to keep him occupied.  This time, we brought along a box filled with biodegradable packing peanuts.  I had seen the idea at the Doctors Foster & Smith website and happened to have a bag of the peanuts on hand.
He loved it!  Back at home, the rice bin is still his top choice, but the peanut box will go on car trips because it is light, easy to transport, and not messy.
If you missed the special Halloween edition of Ferret Friday on Monday, be sure to check it out here.

A Look at the Competition

Many of us inherit the tracking and billing software that we use daily.  For those of you who have the opportunity to compare systems, I am listing the options that I have found.
AOT Public Safety Corporation's CryWolfATB Services' Alarm Tracking & BillingDigital Design Group's False Alarm SoftwareEnablePoint Corporation's False Alarm Information Tracking SoftwareMoose Rapids Technologies' False Alarm TrackingPMAM Corporations' False Alarm Management & Reduction SolutionPurvis Gray Technology Group's False Alarm Reduction System Many CAD vendors also have some version of alarm tracking software as well.  Have fun comparing the options. If you are a member, FARA has published a guide to choosing software that may be helpful. If you know of other programs, please let me know so I can add them to the list.


You might think that working in law enforcement might help insulate our family from crime.  In some ways it does, I suppose, because we work hard at keeping ourselves from being easy targets.  However, random crimes do sometimes visit even the most vigilant as we learned the other day.  Some moron thought it would be quite funny to slash tires on several streets in the neighborhood.  Our tire was just one of several on our street. "Pranks" like this can sometimes be the start of other activities.  You can bet I will be on the lookout, and will counsel my neighbors to lock their doors and remove valuables from vehicles or at least out of site.

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to a special edition of Ferret Friday on Monday.  A.E. wants to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!