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Showing posts from March 18, 2018

Ferret Friday #17-Egg!

About once a week, the ferrets get an egg as a treat. I thought it would be fun to share a quick video of Bela enjoying her egg.

Can we Talk about Packaging?

     Today, many people (myself included) use ancient chain maille armor techniques to create jewelry. Basically, artisans take small rings made of wire and weave them together in intricate designs. In this way, the ancient weaves are re-imagined for a modern audience. Samples of my work Zili Kit      Although some people take raw wire and create their own rings, many rely on retailers for their needs. From that need, a growing cottage industry has sprung up to supply makers with kits that include all of the rings and instructions for a design. Most of these businesses use very simple packaging for their products. Zipper seal bags with simple printed labels are very common. HyperLynks kit      For companies that are a little larger, heat seal plastic tubing becomes the most common form of packaging. There is one operation that packages per order so that the rings come in a long, unlabeled, sausage-like strip of tubing with a heat seal between each type of ring. Customers

Ferret Friday #16-Hey, that is my sock...

Before heading back to school after Spring Break, I said one last goodbye to the ferrets. It wasn't until I was back at school that I noticed that one of my socks had made its way into their cage.