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Showing posts from April 8, 2012

Ferret Friday #45 - Sleepy Ferret

Even sleepy ferrets like tunnels. A E had a friend visit on Sunday if you missed it.
IMG_1914, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.

Send One or Send 100 - Using the Bulk Letters Feature

Occasionally, it has been helpful to send a letter to a group of registered alarm users. If this sounds like something that would be helpful,  scroll down to "Process Bulk Letters" on the File menu in CryWolf®. In the "Bulk Letters" window, there are 3 tabs that can help refine the account selection process: General Search, Based on Outstanding Amounts, and Letter Received. The General Search tab offers options to choose the accounts to send letters.  If the letter needs to be sent to an alarm company, choosing the "Alarm Company" radio button allows the registered Alarm Companies to be searched. The default "Accounts" radio button searches registered users.  The pull down menu to the right of the radio buttons allows the  search to be refined by 7 parameters.
The "Based on Outstanding Amounts" tab, allows a search of accounts by the amounts owed and date notification was sent. My favorite tab "Letter Received" allows a se…

Happy Easter!

IMG_2042, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr. I walked out on the back porch this morning and caught the Easter bunny making his visit. I hope that your day is peaceful and spent well with friends and family.