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Ferret Friday #30 - Bike Enthusiast

A E Ferret may not ride a bicycle, but he is a connoisseur of all things leather so these biking accessories were fun things to play in and around.

Changing Streets

Our CAD (computer aided dispatch) system places prefixes for streets at the end of the street name which is fine if that is where they belong. However, the Post Office prefers the prefixes to be in their proper place.  There is a difference between N Main St and Main St N.  In our area, some older communities have two addresses that differ only by their prefix.  For example, 100 W Main St and 100 E Main St.  Several communities also have streets that encompass the town center in circular form.  The only way to know where a store is located is to refer to the NE, NW, SE or SW designation.  Maybe natives of the area have some innate sense of where they need to go, but I have spent a great deal of time literally going in circles to find an address.  
I  have noticed that our county property tax database is set up the same way, so I imagine that the data from CAD may have originated from the county geo records.  No matter what the source was, when we extract the data for alarm calls, it c…