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Straight from the Judge

So there are lots of things I need to share with you about law school, but that will have to wait for another day. One of the things that I am doing a lot of during school is reading cases. I quite enjoy when I come across a great quote. Here is my favorite from this week: “Discovery was hardly intended to enable a learned profession to perform its functions either without wits or on wits borrowed from the adversary.” Hickman v. Taylor, 329 U.S. 495, 516 (1947) (Jackson, J., concurring). The quote is in reference to a lawyer who requested information through the discovery process. Obviously, the judge thought he needed to work a little bit harder rather than rely on the work of the other side.
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Ferret Friday Coming Again Soon

After the heartbreak of losing A E Ferret back in September, I wasn't sure that we would ever have ferrets in our lives again. Youngest took the loss extremely hard and has only recently begun to soften to the idea of a new ferret. Over the last few months, the Hubster and I have discussed it and even went to the animal shelter when a ferret pair was available. (We were still unsure so we left without them and they were adopted before we were able to get back). Fast forward to earlier this week when I went to the pet store for cat food. Four tiny ferrets had just arrived and I was hooked. In order to bring them home, I had to undo all the changes that we had made to A E's room--it had been transformed into my office for law school.
Over the past few days, I moved furniture, created a "bathroom" annex for the cage, and researched solutions to the behavioral issues that we ran into previously. I even named "my" ferret Bella. So, with most prep done, we headed…

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Law enforcement is often a thankless career. Sure, there is the occasional thank you from a citizen, but more often frustrated citizens emote a less friendly position. Right now, there is an even more dangerous movement afoot that threatens the morale and safety of officers.
Concerns of Police Survivors and other organizations are partnering to show support for law enforcement officers through a national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9, 2015.
This video will explain it all:

I hope that you will show support for your local officers!

Fine Dining Experience

Now that the holidays are over, I am willing to venture near a mall.  Since I offered to buy lunch, the boys decided that they could be seen in public with their mother. (They also had gift cards that were begging to be used).  During the course of our trip, I ventured into the ladies room and this is what I  saw:
Okay, this isn't the nicest mall in our area and the bathroom was small so I originally thought that it was nice that they at least thought about providing a lounge area.  However, once I got closer, I was infuriated by the sign shown below.
To be honest, I can barely stand to go to the bathroom in a public restroom.  I sure as heck would never eat in a bathroom.  That the management of the mall thought that they were being considerate providing a bench in the bathroom for a mother to feed her child astounds me.  But then again, I don't think that they were trying to be considerate.  At 5'6", I am just above average height, and I found the bench too high for…

Endless Loop

Drivers on this naval facility must get awful tired.

First, they can't stop on the pavement...

so some must have tried parking on the grass.

If that weren't bad enough, pedestrians can't stop either. 
At least I didn't see any don't walk on grass signs.

Ferret Friday #58 - The Mighty Hunter

There is no doubt that AE is a spoiled ferret. We are more likely to bring home a souvenir for AE from our travels than something for the boys. I recently brought home a small yellow stuffed pirate bear for AE. That pirate didn't stand a chance from our mighty hunter who stalked,

and then scurried away
 up the stairs with his treasure.

Ferret Friday #57 - Treasure Found

A E's explorations of college room filler continues. This week, he has found something in a bag and I am betting that whatever it was is now safely hidden away in one of his hiding spots. Silly Eldest--you should have put it in your room!

Who me? I'm an Innocent Ferret.