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Ferret Friday #19-A Quiet Place to Sleep

With ferrets, one learns to keep closet doors shut unless you are okay with things disappearing from the closet. It is also a good idea to put child safety latches on cabinets with cleaning supplies. Bela discovered this open door in the bathroom very quickly and was discovered after she had a nice nap in the washcloth basket.

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U.S. National Ferret Day-April 2nd

How could I let the big day go by without sharing a picture?

Here, Ash was doing a check of our old shower pan...

And if you want to learn more about these furry friends, check out this great post on ferrets from Mental Floss.

Ferret Friday #18-We'll Help

Ferrets are incredibly curious and love to be in the middle of the action. Although I have titled this post in a way to make them seem helpful, they are more likely plotting the "disappearance" of whatever the Hubster was holding when this picture was snapped.

Ferret Friday #17-Egg!

About once a week, the ferrets get an egg as a treat. I thought it would be fun to share a quick video of Bela enjoying her egg.

Can we Talk about Packaging?

Today, many people (myself included) use ancient chain maille armor techniques to create jewelry. Basically, artisans take small rings made of wire and weave them together in intricate designs. In this way, the ancient weaves are re-imagined for a modern audience.

     Although some people take raw wire and create their own rings, many rely on retailers for their needs. From that need, a growing cottage industry has sprung up to supply makers with kits that include all of the rings and instructions for a design. Most of these businesses use very simple packaging for their products. Zipper seal bags with simple printed labels are very common.

     For companies that are a little larger, heat seal plastic tubing becomes the most common form of packaging. There is one operation that packages per order so that the rings come in a long, unlabeled, sausage-like strip of tubing with a heat seal between each type of ring. Customers must match the segment of the tube to the invoice to figu…

Ferret Friday #16-Hey, that is my sock...

Before heading back to school after Spring Break, I said one last goodbye to the ferrets. It wasn't until I was back at school that I noticed that one of my socks had made its way into their cage.

Ferret Friday #15 - Yum, Coffee!

Last week, we saw Bela pondering her move from bed to chair. She is the planner. Count is a do-er who doesn't take time to ponder. He will see something and go for it. Sometimes that works out for him, and sometimes it doesn't. Here, if Hubster's cup didn't have a lid, Count would have been nose deep in coffee. I wonder if he is attracted to the coffee or the ferret crack that A.E. Ferretloved.

Ferret Friday #14-What?

Ferrets are curious critters. Here, Bela is watching the Hubster and plotting her next move. You can almost see those little gears turning as if she is thinking "How can I get to where he is sitting?" or "What does he have in that cup?" 

You will see next week that Count went way beyond thinking about the cup...