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Showing posts from June 2, 2013

Ferret Friday #55 Ready to Go

AE climbed in too his travel carrier and looked up as if to say "Let's go". I guess he is ready for Ferret Fridays to get going again.

One Origin Point of the Elixir of Life

I am glad to report that tastes in Norfolk, Virginia, aren't all unusual as evidenced by the mecca of goodness pictured below.

I know that many of you will dispute my favorite caramel colored beverage as the elixir of life. And for you and your life, that may be true. But for me, the day doesn't begin until an icy cold Coca-Cola has been opened and I have heard that beautiful sound that only carbonated beverages can make. (BTW, the sound even has its own Facebook page. And just to keep the blog educational go here for the science behind the sound). I have always said that it is a good thing that I wasn't around back when it still had cocaine in the formula. There is no need to lecture me on the dangers of soda--this is my one bad habit and I have no desire to break it.

A Southern Curiosity

I grew up in the Deep South so I am very familiar with the strange concoctions that Southern cooks make from tomatoes. However, I have never heard of the item advertised on this sign by the restaurant Taste in Norfolk, VA.

I must say that it doesn't sound like a good thing, but this recipe from Simply Recipes may change my mind. Anyone out there ever tried Tomato Pie or have a recipe to share?