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Ferret Friday #37 - Packed and Ready to Go

The Hubster placed his gym towel bag on the bed one morning.  When he came back to get it later, there was a ferret inside waiting to go.
DSCF0258, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr.

A Red Letter Day

In the world of false alarm reduction, one of the most common tools used is the printed word.  This can be in many forms, whether it is a brochure, an invoice, or an informational letter.  We send out hundreds of letters on a daily basis. Fortunately, CryWolf ® automates much of this for us. Occasionally, we want to accent certain parts of a letter by changing the font size, the print color, or even adding bullet points. Before I discovered that this was possible within CryWolf®, I was creating the letters in Microsoft Word® and then copying it into CryWolf®.  The discovery of these features within the program itself made creating and editing letters that much easier.
If you weren't aware that this was possible, let me show you how easy it is to accomplish. To access these features, go to the maintenance section. Once in Maintenance, choose “Add/Edit” Letters from the Forms menu. Choose the letter that you wish to edit from the pulldown menu. Then go to the Letter Body tab (circl…