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Sign me up

Within a few minutes of seeing the phone booth mentioned here, I saw this sign.  I want to make it clear that I have nothing against trailer parks.  I think they have a place in society.  I am from Florida after all and southern Florida is filled with trailer homes.  Looking at the sign shaded by the large tree, you might even believe that choice lots were really available.

But let your gaze slide to the right of the sign where the landscape is treeless.  Not really what I call prime landscaping.

Ferret Friday #13 - Laundry ferret

Ferrets are a lot of fun, but there is a lot of work involved in owning a ferret.  However, well trained ferrets can help with household chores as A. E. demonstrates by taking a sweaty bike jersey (from the Philadelphia triathlon) upstairs to the laundry.

Bulk letters

Occasionally, it is necessary to send letters to a group of alarm users.  Maybe you want to notify a group of a class, or that you are forgiving the alarms that occurred on a certain day(don't hold your breath on that one happening in my area : ). The Process Bulk Letters function found in the File menu (see below) is probably the easiest way to do this in CryWolf®.  I must confess that I used this technique for months to send single letters also.  Of course, you can successfully send one letter this way, but this technique is better suited to sending letters to multiple accounts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Bulk Letters window has three tabs: General Search, Based on Outstanding Amounts, and Letter Received.  Today, we will focus on the "Letter Received" tab because it is the one that I have used the most.  On this tab, it is possible to search for all accounts that have recieved a certain letter (red arrow).  If the date range (green circle) can be narrowed,…

Special Olympics

As anyone in Law Enforcement can tell you, the Law Enforcement Torch Run benefitting Special Olympics is a special event that takes place across the country and around the world culminating in the lighting of the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony of the summer Special Olympic games.  The torch run was begun in Kansas City in 1981 by a police chief who saw a need and was moved to action.  The International Association of Chiefs of Police soon adopted the cause and the torch run has grown to become one of the largest fund raisers for Special Olympics.  Special Olympics provides so much for these athletes and is something that the athletes benefit from year round.  The best way to describe the spirit that I have seen in the athletes is competition with love.  It is rare these days to see a fellow athlete demonstrate caring for his competitors.  This attitude is shown every day across the country in Special Olympics venues. The sports events also become social events for the athletes …

Genghis Grill

My family eats out way more than we should.  My father predicted this more than 25 years ago when the Hubster and I were dating.  I have mentioned previously that my family rarely went out to eat when I was a child, so the number of times that the Hubster took me out to dinner was shocking to my parents thrifty nature.  Of course, I thought it was great.  And since my family was also very religious, there weren't a whole lot of other options of sanctioned activites.
Needless to say, proprieters of many restaurants in our area know our family on sight and not a week goes by that one of them will ask about this missing family member or another.  Of course, we each have our favorite establishment, but occasionally we will want a change.  When a new restaurant opens up in our area, we are sure to be one of the first families to try it out.
Recently, the boys came home saying that there was a new restaurant that they wanted to try. This new restaurant was called the Genghis Grill-the M…

Coal mine

I have always been drawn to the strange and unusual, especially when it involves venturing off the highway onto back roads with the promise of an adventure.  On the way back from Youngest's college orientation, we found ourselves in Beckley, West Virginia at a McDonald's.  This was not our first choice, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.  While we were enjoying our fine dining experience, my eyes were drawn to this sign that was just visible from where we were sitting.  When we finished eating, I couldn't leave without a photo.  To my astonishment, Hubster asked if I wanted to visit the exhibit.  After I picked my jaw off the floor of the car, I responded "sure".
With no more than that arrow pointing the way, we set off into the wilds of West Virginia.  Youngest swore he heard the sound of banjos.  After several miles of twists and turns,  I was beginning to think that we had missed a sign.To my relief, a sign appeared letting us know that we had ar…