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Ferret Friday #40 - Silly Ferret Tricks

IMG_1940, a photo by Michelle on the Edge on Flickr. A E Ferret is a bit of a show-off. When he is in a playful move, he likes to play chase, collect water bottles, and do silly stunts for attention. Here, he appears to be trying to stand on his head. He was hungry and was trying to persuade us to follow him upstairs to feed him fresh food.

Document Handling

Quite often staff members in my unit need to add a document or file to an alarm user's account. CryWolf® makes that task easy.  I am sure that most units are familiar with the upload of multiple scanned documents. However, there are other ways to add documents to user accounts.  One way is to drag the file from your document folder to the "Documents" button on the alarm user account window. This will trigger the Quick Link window to open.Simply click "ok" and the file will be saved to the account. If the file is attached to an email, another way is to "copy" the file and then right click on the Documents button to choose the Paste function. CryWolf® will accept almost any file type from .tif to .pdf.  Once my unit discovered this, we were able to have our fax machine stop printing registration forms and send them directly to email.  From email, it is a simple transfer straight into the account.  This saves several steps and lots of paper.  I hope that…