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Showing posts from October 2, 2011

Ferret Friday #18 - Porch

A E likes to view nature from the safety of the screened in porch.  Here he is watching the neighbor's puppy.  Our cat died about the same time as their dog.  We got our new pets the same week.  Ours is much cuter : )

Preview Letters

So does all of our talk about letters recently have you interested in the letters in your CryWolf® database? If you would like a quick way to review them, in Maintenance, go to the Forms menu, and then choose Review Letter information. In the View Letter information window, there will be two options: View Basic Letter information and Preview All Letters The view Basic Letter information will give you a table listing all of the letters and the basic information about them such as the letter use, the letter title, and any charges associated with the letter. It will also show the template used, the letterhead, who the letter is sent to, if there is a registration form associated (and which one),  and if an invoice is attached (and which kind). Also, any special actions associated with the letters will be listed. The Preview All Letters option produces a continuous file of all of the letters in the system.  This is a quick way to review the letters.  If you choose to include