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Ferret Friday #4-Beauty and the Beast

Bela and the boy!

Oyster Cracker

As I was studying for my Civil Procedure final, I was munching on Nabisco Premium Soup & Oyster crackers. It made me think back to my childhood. I was one of those crazy kids who couldn't stand for food to touch on the plate. I also was a bit of a picky eater so meal times were fun for my mom. The worst thing was biting into a casserole and coming across a chunk of hidden onion. Actually, that wasn't the worst. The worst was my dad's hamburgers--you never knew what might be lurking in them. Eddie Murphy knows what I mean:

Most summers, I stayed at my grandparent's house. I am guessing that my grandmother was a picky eater also because she always bought fun foods for me to eat. One of those foods was oyster crackers.

Anyway, I grew up to have a picky eater of my own. Using what I knew from my childhood, I often served the boys what we called Bits & Pieces for lunch. Basically, it was a variety of finger foods such as cheese cubes, ham cubes, fruit slices, and cr…