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Showing posts from November 6, 2011

Ferret Friday #23 - Travel Series

A E Ferret is shown here choosing his preferred seat (under a seat) on a recent road trip.  Most of the time, he travels in his carrier for safety, but on long trips, we sometimes allow him a little bit of freedom to stretch his legs between naps.  As you can see, he only has limited freedom.  He wears a leash so that he can't go play in the driver's foot well.

Bike mecca

For cyclists, the Tour de France may be the only reason to sit on a couch in front of the tv instead of in the saddle.  Of course, the cyclist in my house often sits in the saddle with the bike on a trainer to watch the Tour.  In our area, one of the major advertisers for the Tour is Conte's Bike Shop.  What I didn't know was that all of that advertising had planted the seed that Conte's was Bike Mecca. This year during the tour, Conte's revealed their new name of Fresh Bikes. The Hubster has been wanting to make the trek to Fresh Bikes for a long time.  After some less than stellar tuneups by local bike shops, I agreed that it was time to find something better. When his birthday was getting near, I surprised the Hubster by agreeing to a trip to Bike Mecca.  From the moment we walked in the door, I have to admit that this shop truly seems to deserve its reputation. I know that the Hubster enjoyed the visit very much.